Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Of The Money That I Contribute Will Be Used In The Greater Valdosta Area?

96.2% of every dollar collected stays in the Greater Valdosta United Way area.

Why Do The Agencies Do Other Fundraisers After The United Way Campaign Ends?

The United Way strives to raise as much money as possible, however, we can not met the financial needs required by all of the agencies in the 5 county area we serve.   We encourage them to find other sources of funding in addition to our allocations in order to meet their needs.

I Already Give To Another Charity. Why Should I Give To The United Way?

We all have favorite charities, but there are some needs that cannot be solved by selective giving. Only a program of skilled, coordinated planning can most economically and efficiently meet our area's total needs.

Why Should I Give? - I Don't Use The Services.

When reviewing the list of agencies and programs, many people find they, or loved ones, actually have used a United Way agency. Perhaps they have had a child benefit from an after-school educational program provided by a member agency, an elderly parent that used a senior's program, or received aid from the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, or America’s Second Harvest of South Georgia during a crisis. In 2016, the Greater Valdosta United Way will fund 16 agencies that will provide more than 100 programs and services to over 60,000 Greater Valdosta United Way residents. Your gift to the United Way ensures that programs will be available when your family needs them.

Is The Greater Valdosta United Way A Local Organization?

The Greater Valdosta United Way is a locally incorporated not-for-profit organization, governed by a board of directors. The directors are your friends and neighbors who volunteer their time to manage the United Way as your representatives and serve without pay.

Who Allocates The Money?

Community volunteers serve on the Greater Valdosta United Way Allocations Panels on an annual basis. They review agency programs, services and budgets. They make on-site visits and listen to the agency present information on their programs and finances. An allocation amount is then determined by the volunteers and presented to the allocations committee for review.  Once reviewed the request is then taken before the United Way Board of Directors for a final decision.

Why Is The Campaign Goal Higher Every Year?

Agency Needs…There is an ever-increasing demand for programs and services. The higher goal reflects the community's needs and the increase in the cost of operating the agencies. The campaign chair sets the goal after accessing community needs.
Pledge Write-offs…Pledge write-offs include the total amount of dollars that were pledged during a campaign but were never received. As employees change jobs, pledges made through payroll deduction do not follow the employee, and often go uncollected by the United Way. Each year, these dollars are part of the total dollars funded to member agencies.

Who Gets The Money?

Twenty non-profit agencies currently comprise the Greater Valdosta United Way. The funds they receive from the campaign are spent directly on services for our residents. By giving to the United Way, many individuals are helped through our member agencies. Your one gift goes to support four areas of concern: Education, Income, Health, and Homelessness.

How Does The United Way Decide Which Agencies Receive Funding?

The United Way has a two-step process of Admissions and Allocations. The admissions process assures that each agency meets exempt status requirements, offers human services, and provides service based on documented need on a non-discriminatory basis, has active and rotating local volunteer leadership and has sound financial and program management. The allocation process occurs annually. Each agency is asked to demonstrate services based on documented needs as well as outcomes for services provided in a non-duplicated fashion.

The process is fairly stringent in order for the United Way to be able to commit to our donors that their dollars are distributed fairly to all funded agencies. The process is in place so that we can assure donors that we are making fiscally and programmatically responsible decisions.

What Happens To Agencies If I Don't Pay My Pledge?

The agencies receive less funding. Please help us keep our commitment to fund our member agencies by honoring your pledge. We realize things come up and circumstances change. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pledge, please call the Greater Valdosta United Way office at 229-242-2208.

There Are Just Too Many Requests For Funds And I Can't Give To Them All!

Yes, this situation exists. But over the years, more and more agencies have joined the United Way because they see that by participating collectively, a greater percentage of the money contributed goes directly to serve people who need help.

On a side note:

Did you know that there are over 450 non-profits located just in Lowndes County.  In the Unites States, there are over 1, 555, 761 non-profits listed with the IRS.  This does not include the non-profits that are listed internationally.  What makes this campaign unique is that it offers individuals a chance to give back to the community in which they live through the simple means of payroll deduction.  However, we also understand that individuals have other charities close to their hearts which we are not directly associated with; charities like American Heart Association,  American Diabetes Association, Susan G. Komen for a cure, and thousands of others.  That’s what makes this campaign unique.  Individuals can give to any non-profit that exist in the world and do it through payroll deduction.  However, we do encourage our donors to give to our partner agencies, but honor request to other agencies.  In fact, every year we send an estimated $30,000.00 to “non” United Agencies like American Heart Association.  So, we ask individuals to think about everything they give to throughout the year and consider that giving through payroll deduction.  You will notice on your payroll pledge form that there is a place for you to designate your gift to.  Tell us which agency and/or agencies you would like to receive your gift and we will do the rest.

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