Angela Crance – Leading the Way in Giving

When Michael Smith, Greater Valdosta United Way executive director, needed someone to coordinate the Leader Club, he knew Angela Crance was the right choice.

“Angela truly supports and believes in what we’re doing here at the United Way,” Smith said. “She is committed to making our community a better place to live and wants to see it continue to grow and be successful.”

Crance, who served as GVUW executive director from 1993 to 2001, was more than willing to jump back into raising funds for the United Way and its partner agencies.

“At one time, the Leader Club represented about a third of the United Way’s annual campaign, but it has dropped over the years,” Crance said. “It was time we ramped it back up.”

The Leader Club includes individuals and families who contribute $1,000 or more annually. Donors can designate some or all of their money to partner agencies or directly to the United Way, where funds are distributed to meet the most critical needs in the community.

“The United Way is an umbrella for all its partner agencies,” Crance said. “The nonprofits are really good at what they do, which is providing services, and they are passionate about it. The United Way provides financial support and helps advocate for federal grants.”

With the disastrous economic impact of COVID-19, Crance said, “The pandemic left agencies in greater need more than ever. Due to the cancellation of their fundraising events and the higher demand for services, our gifts are desperately needed.”

Serving as a hub for the human service sector, the United Way allocates money and resources within a 10-county region, ensuring it benefits the most vulnerable adults, children, and families.

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