EDITORIAL: Generosity a hallmark of Valdosta: United Way meets $1M goal

For the first time in a decade, the Greater Valdosta United Way reached its campaign goal.

Earlier this month, the United Way reached its $1 million mark.

“It has been over a decade since Greater Valdosta United Way has achieved this campaign accomplishment,” United Way representatives said in a statement last week. “We were able to realize this through donations from individual donors, community partners, grants, and a significant donation from the Harley Langdale Jr. Foundation, Inc., that put us over the top.”

The statement added, “This achievement goes to show the caring and generous nature of our communities and we would like to say thank you.”

The Greater Valdosta United Way supports 21 South Georgia nonprofits.

Nonprofits that work with or help residents in need throughout the area.

But these nonprofits need our help – whether it’s donations of money, food, or items; or volunteering time, services, and muscle – in the best of times. But like everything else during the past two years, nonprofits have been strained to the max by COVID-19.

As we have covered in many news stories, some of the services the community has come to take for granted, that we point to as being a part of the best of us, have faced hard times and hard choices.

Without help, nonprofits face the possibility they may no longer be able to help others.

The pandemic proved that true as some nonprofits teetered close to reduced services and closure.

But Valdosta has always been known for its generosity.

The United Way reaching $1 million is proof of that generosity again.

Especially reaching a goal that hasn’t been reached in more than a decade – pandemic or no pandemic.

Congratulations Greater Valdosta United Way for reaching $1 million.

Thanks to all donors, especially the Harley Langdale Jr. Foundation.

And congratulations to the people of Valdosta, Lowndes County, and South Georgia. Your generosity will help thousands of people meet their goals of living their lives each and every day.

Source: “EDITORIAL: Generosity a hallmark of Valdosta: United Way meets $1M goal

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