SMITH: United Way promotes holiday volunteering

I encourage everyone, healthy and able to get reengaged in the community this holiday season.
Think about how you can help others and give some time and money back. Ring the bell for the Salvation Army, pack food boxes at Second Harvest, or donate items to families at LAMP or The Haven. The nonprofits in the human service sector need people to achieve their missions.

Giving your time is good for your mental and emotional health and does a world of good for the people you are helping. Just a few hours a month can really help relieve stress for nonprofit staff and let them know the community values them. So many of these nonprofits have been going nonstop for over 18 months now and need a rest.

Staffing is tough in the nonprofit sector, just like the business sector. It is hard to find people to work or volunteer. Even dropping off some lunch or donuts shows appreciation for what they do. Health care workers, teachers, and all essential workers have been through a lot, and the grind is taking its toll. Share a smile and thank you to anyone you appreciate, and it will brighten their spirits this holiday season.

Please get connected and involved in any way you can.

If we live United, change and healing can happen: Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Michael Smith is the executive director of the Greater Valdosta United Way.

Source: “SMITH: United Way promotes holiday volunteering”

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