Nonprofits offer Valdosta On-Demand vouchers

Greater Valdosta United Way and other surrounding nonprofits will soon offer people the chance to have free transportation through Valdosta’s “Ride Valdosta.”

Ride Valdosta is an initiative that was conceived during a Homeless Task Force meeting with Michael Smith, United Way executive director, task force member Kelley Saxon and others.

United Way has designated $1,000 of its disaster relief funds to provide 500 free rides for residents through vouchers. Monetary donations are also in demand to continue to offer more rides monthly.

The cost of a one-way trip with the transit system is $2 and $1 for “each additional member of your party,” city officials have stated in the past.

Though not yet available yet, the United Way’s transportation vouchers can be retrieved from Lowndes Associated Ministries to People, South Georgia Partnership to End Homelessness, Partnership Health Center, the Salvation Army Valdosta, The Haven and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS sometime soon.

“These are some of the agencies that have a lot of vulnerable populations that may not be able to afford the $2 ride transportation in the city and could use those at their discretion,” Smith said.

Each agency will choose how to distribute the vouchers on an as-needed basis so residents can go to job interviews, doctor’s offices, the local health department, the grocery store, the labor department, and more.

It is not required for people to be clients of the agencies overseeing the travel vouchers, but they must go through the organizations to receive them.

Transportation has become an issue for most people in Valdosta, he said.

“Valdosta On-Demand has been a huge benefit in meeting transportation issues in our community but people still have to spend money to get places,” Smith said. 

Smith summarized Valdosta On-Demand cost-effective, necessary and innovative.

More information about donating: text RVAL to 44321, (229) 242-2208.

More information about Valdosta On-Demand:

Source: Valdosta Daily Times “Nonprofits offer Valdosta On-Demand vouchers” Article 

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