Living United: Community Partner Raises Thousands

The United Way’s 2020 goal of $750.000 has been surpassed by 105%, reaching an estimate of $790.000. They had received about 97% of it’s financial support from individual and business donors. The United Way now benefits 20 nonprofits, including a few more as well. The money is not given in a lump sum, but rather distributed throughout the year. Michael Smith, executive director of United Way, strives to get United Way to return to the 1 million it used to raise in the past years. They haven’t been to their goal of a million in over a decade, and would like to work towards that goal once again. The United Way continues to move forward in it’s growing campaign, bringing people together and help with issues the community faces.

Source: Valdosta Daily Times “Living United: Community partner raises thousands” Article¬†

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