A Few Tools and Resources from Georgia Power

Georgia Power wants to remind customers of a few tools and resources to be safe and reduce the impact of the hot weather on power bills. To help customers save energy and money and to prepare for severe weather any time during the year, the company has posted energy efficiency solutions and safety tips at www.GeorgiaPower.com.

Here are some of the resources that they are offering:

For Energy Efficiency

  • Do not leave electronic devices on.
  • Protect appliances with a SurgeDefender, which is a state-of-the-art product that helps defend motor-driven appliances.
  • Install storm doors, which reduce heat transfer into and out of the home. Reducing heat transfer allows for lower costs.
  • Only use surge protectors with internal circuit breakers, because the devices will better protect appliances.
  • Clean and provide maintenance for the fridge, such as dusting the coils and removing food. Those actions allow more cool air to circulate without it consuming more energy.

For Severe Weather Preparation

  • Outage Alerts to be better aware of the situation: Subscribe to the free Georgia Power Outage Alert service to receive personalized notifications via text message.
  • Build an Emergency Kit that contains enough supplies to get individuals and families through three days without electricity or running water.
  • Downed trees are usually the cause of an outage after a storm. Never attempt to pull tree limbs off wires!
  • Never use generators in enclosed spaces. They produce dangerous carbon monoxide that can’t be seen or smelled.
  • During an outage, it’s also very important to know how to safely store food and medicine.

Customer Resources for Any Season

  • Georgia Power’s quick and easy online energy checkup provides a customized report to help you understand your energy use and find ways to save money.
  • Georgia Power offers a variety of flexible and customizable rate plans to fit every lifestyle.
  • Georgia Power works with customers to coordinate payment arrangements and discounts such as the Low-Income Senior Citizens Discount, and can connect them with community organizations that may be able to help them pay their bill including The Salvation Army’s Project SHARE program.

Additional information is available at www.GeorgiaPower.com/Assistance or via phone at (888) 660-5890.

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